Review – Complete Python Bootcamp from Udemy

I took the Complete Python Bootcamp course last month on Udemy. Overall I really enjoyed it. It had a nice progression from beginning to (more)advanced python. The classes were well laid out and made a lot of sense. The classes and tests were free from errors, and the instructor was easy to understand – both conceptually and sonically.

I think I bought it for around $10, and it was well worth that. I’m still collecting my notes from the course, but they will provide a good backbone for my non-google reference.

I think this is more my style than a course characteristic, but I watched almost all of the classes at 2x speed. I could slow down or repeat sections whenever I missed something but that didn’t happen very often. I found I needed to slow down when writing code, but the lessons at 2x worked really well. The instructor spent enough time explaining things so between the visuals and him often repeating or rephrasing a concept I could process things before we needed to move on.

I’m currently taking cs101 on udacity and in comparison that is a bit slower paced and (perhaps) better suited for a “never-ever” python programmer. If you know a tiny bit of python (or are willing to just jump in) then this class will be right up your alley.

Tell me what you think.

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