this is a place to keep ideas for little things that I would like to build

Kaymbu moment downloader.

My kiddo’s daycare sends us a lot of photos every day. They are in a series of  emails that each take you to a page with a select all button and then a download all button. I would like to automate downloading those. Here is my rough idea.

  • set mail rule to fwd to single-use gmail account,
  • give script read access on single-use gmail account.
  • parse any sender email for kaymbu
  • parse and open the link to view images
  • how to hit select all? You don’t have to. simply find the image name from the html and then stick it in this string “”
  • the image looks like this in the dom <div data-type=”image” data-id=”5b3e943bc23051001318e0c2” draggable=”false” class=”media image“>
  • parse it for the download all button
  • concatenate all of the images into one download link. (or not. it may be easier to download them individually vs unzip them. idk.
  • curl it.
  • wait x hours, repeat.
  • maybe process image names and put them all in one folder per day.