This page will get additions as I find new things.

finish the bootcamp prep class from flatiron academy.

harvard cs50 class (free)

udacity cs101 intro to cs (free)

coursera algorithms I

coursera algorithms II

udacity cs250 – web development (free)

freecode camp (free)

django tutorial (free)

Maybe dip into some ruby once python feels relatively solid

codeacademy intro to ruby 

codeacademy javascript

small things to check out

Github Flow   

git and github udacity 

git @,


fork and pull vs shared repo. what is the difference?

mind mapping software per alex krupp


joshua kemp reccommended

  • $99 for the “One Month Rails Course” by Mattan Griffel.
  • $25 for “Learn To Program” by Chris Pine.
  • $25 for 1 month of Codeschool.

There are a ton of resources to sort through here.

once I need a break, here’s a class on ‘building a computer’:

regular expressions