6.24 My first day as a dev!

What a day! I started my new job today. The team is awesome, patient and super supportive. There are two other Launch Academy grads on the team (one of whom is movin’ on up) and they know what it’s like to get dropped into the mix. My boss is really caring and has a long engineering background. The company seems to be a good place to work and I met a lot of happy employees as well! I’m really happy to be working there and I’m excited to get back in tomorrow and get a little bit closer to my first commit.

I was surprised at how much setup I need to do in order to get a somewhat set up laptop configured for coding. Outside of text editors there were github permissions and all sorts of other cloud configs, I needed to get iterm and zsh and so many more things that I had done slowly over the course of months during launch. It was pretty interesting trying to remember what I had and why I used it.

I was also surprised by how many massive pieces of code there are that I’m simply never going to touch or have the time to understand. Conceptually I get it, but it’s just awe inspiring to know that I’m going to be dealing with abstractions of such large pieces because it doesn’t matter how it does it’s job, just that it does it’s job.

In short: today was good. I’m excited about tomorrow, and I’m thankful I ended up in such a good place with good people.

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