6.4 mo’ whiteboard, mo’ challenges

4h Today was a blur of coding challenges and whiteboarding and phone calls. This job hunting stuff is HARD. The upside is that I’ve honestly only run into very nice people thus far. I think part of the reason for that is that the hiring partners have a good gauge of what range our skills should be in so they aren’t throwing us difficult sorting algo questions. It’s still constantly refreshing to encounter people who are interested in you and interesting themselves. I think I’m going to like this industry!

Tomorrow will probably be more studying (redux) and some more phone calls, and hopefully some meetings! Keep going till you cross the finish line!

One funny note is that I had a challenge today that had long division ON PAPER as part of it and woah boy did that ever bring me back. I’m pretty sure I invented some new math to get close enough to guess on some problems. It was good to get those corners of my mind moving again though!

Tell me what you think.

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