6.2 I’m ready for this week to start

2h Tonight I’m doing a little bit of interview prep and tomorrow I have some interviews! “not getting nervous” is the easiest thing to say and the hardest thing to do, but I’m going to work on it. I have no idea how long it will actually take, but the recruiter told me “up to 4 hours” so I am preparing for my mind to be jelly tomorrow afternoon.

I started on a udemy class called coding-interview-bootcamp-algorithms-and-data-structure and I’ve made some decent progress. I’ve done similar classes before, but this time I have a stronger base of coding info and more motivation (ie GET A JOB!) to actually get through it. The starter questions have been doable so far, and I’m looking forward to the tougher ones. The interesting thing about coding challenge questions is that they aren’t generally unique enough to force you to actually generate new code, but they are still a way to see if you’ve spent time learning how to interview. I think I much prefer at-home tests, but I can see how whiteboarding is a way to ‘insert a debugger’ into someone’s mind while they solve a problem.

Tell me what you think.

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