5.28 Time to buckle down

3h Today is the start of the real job search. I sent out a few emails to some friends and friends of friends to find out info on companies I am interested in. I flagged a bunch of open positions I might apply to, I applied to one, and I did some interview prep reading on cs fundamentals (data structures and their tradeoffs.) Oh, I also started making react components on my new github gamification app – “LaunchVelocity

I started a new project just to get more comfortable with the cycle of product creation. The third time through (specifically with RoR) I have a better view of the big picture and I’m more aware of when I should be writing tests. That’s still a big thing for me because on my last project I ended up building a complicated react app and by the time I started writing tests it felt overwhelming to try to set everything up. This time will be different – both in the linking of writing the test and the feature, but also in keeping testing in mind when passing props back and forth. Last time I tried to keep everything at the ‘god-level’ and then methods and variables were sometimes passed down three levels deep. That is pretty complex for my current mental model of how to test react apps, so I am going to put more time into making sure that everything is at the right level this time.

Tell me what you think.

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