5.10 quick update

11h Tonight is just as late and today was just as long, but I’m making progress at least. I got rails mailer to work today and I built in some new fields for recipe data. I spent a ton of time trying to get carrierwave working with an image upload and I had to timebox it and move on. Maybe tomorrow it’ll come more easily. I also looked into d3 a bit more and worked on css for the dashboard. I’m getting more comfortable with css, but I still get really frustrated when I’m trying to do something like scale text up to fit in a box width wise and I realize that you need to be running js in order to do that. That is the thing I expect css to be able to do, so I get confused about what it is really good at.

I’m sure all of these little frustrations will feel a lot less irritating in a few week’s time. My app is due in one week from now and I’ve got some big features left to work on. I also have a lot of enzyme testing to catch up on and more rspec to update as well. Oh yeah – and my presentation! Life is busy, but it is fun when I can pick my head up and breathe a little bit.

I can’t believe that graduation is less than two weeks away. That. Is. Insane!

I’m looking forward to it and whatever comes next.

Tell me what you think.

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