5.6 one whole day of coding

8.5h Today I have completed more features than ever before. I had the day off from Launch Academy (ha!) so I celebrated by programming almost all day long. I got a TON of functionality done on my app and I got it so heroku is working with the device and serving the device whatever I have selected in the website. I’ve been keeping up on tests lately and I installed a code coverage gem called ‘simplecov’ and it has shown me some parts of my codebase that aren’t getting tested. That helps to fill in the gaps, but I have heard to not rely on it too much, as coverage isn’t as important as quality. It’s harder to measure quality.

Tonight I started working on logging data from the device. I’m really curious about the best way to store the individual log entries and also how best to associate them with the user and/or brew and/or recipe. I’ve got to have some talks tomorrow at launch to straighten it out. I did make a BrewLog model, table, and the appropriate route so that I’m persisting data to the db on every entry. It feels very ‘proof of concept’ right now, but it’s a good start!

In the end I got a lot done and I feel really happy about today’s performance. I hope tomorrow keeps this streak going!

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