5.4 say hello to trello

4.5h Last night I started using trello and i’m into it. Today and tonight I have felt pretty confident in knowing that I was working on the most important thing at the time and I always had a place to write down a feature when I think of one. I got two apis done and tested today – one to grab recipes and one to grab user data. I set up a serializer on both and it went pretty smoothly. I’m grabbing the recipe info in react and displaying the username as well. My struggles have been more about layout and what I want to build as opposed to how to build it. That has been an interesting change.

I currently have one react page that will act like a dashboard, but I will eventually have a much more complicated app. I am starting to see how something like redux can be useful. Moving things around can definitely be a big hassle when passing props through multiple components. Not doing that would be nice!

I’m currently starting to think more about responsive sites and I’m at a loss for how best to do it. I know a tiny bit about media queries, but whenever I end up building with them things get weird. I also have foundation built in to the rails boilerplate that I am using and I know it is supposed to be useful for things like that as well. Tomorrow I’ll put some brain power into understanding this. Tonight I’m pooped.

I’m also starting to get more excited about finding components to try out. The thumbnail above is one I’m looking to use for my recipe tiles. You can check it out here.

Tell me what you think.

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