5/3 Group presentation (and project) is over!

10h I’m really happy to be done with the group project, and able to focus on the breakable toy now. I learned a lot about working on a team with other developers in the past two weeks. Both soft skills like how to disagree without fighting and hard skills like the git pr workflow. It’s been really valuable, and I know it has made me more prepared to enter the workforce.

I’m also super excited to really start spending time on my brewing app. I have a fair bit of work done already, but I have a lot of api work to do, all of the react front-end stuff, and a lot of data logging and visualization as well. There is a lot to do, but two weeks feels longer (right now) when it’s just me because I am less concerned about someone else losing motivation, and solo coding is just faster. I’ll still have plenty of people to ask questions to, and I’m sure I will still have plenty of questions!

I also started using a trello board to get all of my features out on one page and prioritize them. That has already been helpful and I need to stay on top of it. The one thing I wish I had was a standalone app! I have way too many tabs open for me to find trello quickly.

One thing I ran into tonight was the discovery that there are lots of react components out there that do really cool things. It feels a little like cheating to download an ‘infinite scroll’ component on one hand, but on the other I certainly didn’t build rails so I guess I need to find a balance. If I were a person hiring a developer I think I would rather they didn’t code everything from scratch. It would be more expensive and difficult to maintain. I’ll have to think on that for a bit – in the meantime I have a lot of other things to write!

Tell me what you think.

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