4.21 – Git and breakable toy

3h Today I dug into git a bit and started working on the routing for my breakable toy. I’m trying to use a branching git workflow, despite it not totally making sense with how often my code is broken. I guess it’s ok to commit broken code, but not to pr broken code? I need to sort it out, because this week kicks off our group projects! We will be in 3-5 person groups, working on a 2-week project. I’m excited to see who is in my group tomorrow morning. I guess/hope we just get to it after that!

I’ve hard-coded some responses in for my breakable toy and they are showing up on the front end. I need to write some tests for that (since it will be pretty simple) and then I can actually try it out on the machine!

Learning can be sleepy and difficult, but actually applying that knowledge is lots of fun!

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