4.18 last minute rails prep

10h Today is my last day of focused instruction! Tomorrow is the system check and then it’s on to projects!

This week has definitely been hard for me. Rails has felt like there was a lot going on, and the week being shortened due to the marathon made it only harder. It’s pretty common that bootcamp grads talk about getting stuck in a pit of dispair after failing for long enough. They also talk about how great you feel when it seems like you have really mastered something. Those two feelings are hard to manage, since they are both so big. I’ve had my fair share of being down this week, but it’s looking up. I’m also really looking forward to 12:31 tomorrow when I can close my laptop and take a big breath in.

It’s hard to believe we are already 60% done with this bootcamp. It’s been intense, but fun. I’ve been learning a ton and the pressure of having a weekly system check has definitely kept my motivation up for not cutting corners and skipping out on some assignments.

I’ve jammed just about all that I can into my head for the night (and the week), so hopefully a little sleep will help it stick, and then it’ll be exactly what I need in the morning. wish me luck!

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