4.4 Mocking fetch requests, testing react with enzyme, and more!

10h I’m back on the horse again tonight. Well, I only took one night off total, but tonight I’m feeling a little bit stronger and I’m getting more coding in, and more learning in. Tomorrow is friday, and that means there will be another system check! Lots of react and react router stuff tomorrow, as well as enzyme, fetch, and possibly mocking fetch requests.

After tomorrow we will be at the end of the 4th week of on-campus Launch. It’s crazy to think that the bulk of the instruction is behind us! I’m looking forward to the solo project. I’m unsure on the group one. I think so much is dependent on the group, but it’ll work out either way. I am hopeful for a good group and a good idea.

Ok, off to bed. Lots of sleep will be needed for these ideas to sink in!

Tell me what you think.

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