3.27 React stateful components. all day long.

9h I have had the worst cough all day long. I’ve had a wimpy cough for 4 weeks now, but today has been miserable. I’m looking forward to looking backward at it.

Today was more react stuff. The main things that I am getting bound up on is binding functions and even where I can declare functions in what way. It seems like I can’t use es6 methods inside of the render loop, but I can use them outside of that loop. I need to dig in more, but I have spent a long time moving parens around and adding =’s.

Tomorrow is a marathon, and then testing on friday. No coughing I hope!

Oh – I think I finally understand closure today. 269 days into this adventure I finally have a scenario where one is absolutely needed! yea!

Tell me what you think.

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