3.26 Stateful components in React

9h Today we worked more on passing props around in React components and just started to work a little bit on state. I’m more used to stateful class-based components, so it’s been hard for me to not type “this” in front of every props variable and method. Now that I’m used to it we’re headed back into familiar waters so I’ll be mixed up again. oh well!

I don’t think I had ever realized how much nicer it is to handle events in React vs vanilla js. I’m glad I know now. I did an assignment today that I am pretty sure was an old system check. If we get something like that this friday then I’ll be in pretty good shape. Especially since I’ll have 2 more days of studying in by then! There is a TON of stuff that I don’t know about in react, but thankfully I’m not over my head yet. I’m actually itching to get started on rails and postgres since they are the two things I know the least about. Well, I actually know absolutely nothing about them both! Fingers crossed!

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