3.25 Finally React, and more regex.

8.5h I’m starting to see the love hate relationship with regex. Just when you feel comfortable using it you find something that SHOULD be working if only reality wasn’t getting in the way. I spent half an hour on something I could have just coded a dumb solution for in five minutes. I need to remember to save regex for the refactor except for times when it is absolutely necessary.

We started on React at Launch this week. It’s interesting seeing the things that I know and the things that I don’t. Today I finally learned how to return jsx from an iterator function. I have been failing at that for a long time, but I never even put it into words that I was doing it. The simple solution is to just make an array of jsx elements and react can deal with it from there. I tried so many things that usually involved string substitution. needless to say-none of them ever worked.

I’ve had 3 bad nights of sleep in a row so I am going to call it quits early tonight. I can’t go into battle tomorrow like a zombie. I’m going to try to do some cl scraper refactoring before I call it.

Tell me what you think.

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