3.23 Back in javaScript and it feels so good!

2.5h It’s funny that 2.5 hours feels super short now, while it felt pretty long even a month ago. I took some time today to rest from the week today. I have a reading and an assignment to present on monday morning so I put a little more time into reading and tweaking things for that. We are just barely dipping our toes into React and today we worked with event handlers and how they are written differently in React vs javascript. I also did another assignment that I think is designed to kick start our brains into thinking in javascript mode again. It’s only been two weeks of ruby, but everything in my mind is a .each loop (as opposed to forEach), and it’s binding.pry not console.log so I need a little help getting back on the right syntax.

The cool thing about the refresher assignment is that it’s the first time I have worked in js with a test suite already set up for me. It’s fun to crank and make the red turn green!

On the project front I made some progress on my craigslist scraper. I built a form to enter search terms, I got the front end to send the terms to the backend as a string. I got the backend to scrape the right results and return them as json, and I got the front end to display them! I even was able to fix a bug where a search would crash the site if any of the results did not have images. The next thing to do is probably to enable location selection because it is currently hard-coded in. I’m unsure on how best to do that but I have some good ideas. I’m also starting to see a use case in making each listing an object (or component?), so I may refactor into that direction.

Tell me what you think.

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