3.22 System Check #2 passed! 20% complete.

9h Today was another system check – as every friday for the next 4 weeks will be. This test was on sinatra routing, tdd, and rspec / capybara tests. I felt pretty good about the initial ‘meets expectations’ test, but the ‘exceeds expectations’ criteria was kind of open-ended so I was very unsure about that until I got my test results back. I ended up doing a ton of tests, css, and I even added a foundation.js nav bar to shine it up a little bit.

This week we’ve been using integration tests for the first time and I really need to figure out how to set them up in node. It’s super useful and I should really be using tdd on my side projects.

Next week we are on to React and I’m excited. I’m already pretty comfortable with React so I’m looking forward to working over the fundamentals in a non-threatening way and also having a little more time to start looking at postgres and/or rails.

Tell me what you think.

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