3.21 wayyy to many capybaras

9h Today was a frustrating day of hunting down bugs under a self-induced time limit. I am/was studying for tomorrow’s big systems check and I’m not as far along as I would hope to be. I’ve definitely picked up a few tips along the way but it sucks to be tested hard on something we only started learning yesterday. I feel bad for my classmates that had a few more things to learn before they could get to the testing section.

I’m definitely not saying that testing isn’t important, I just wish they started teaching it on monday as opposed to wednesday. That puts a lot of pressure on the friday test because all of the stuff from monday and tuesday is not going to be on this test. Yeah.

I’m calling it a short night tonight because I’m fried and I think I’ll be better off with more sleep and less studying. We shall see how that plays out tomorrow at 9:15am I guess!

Tell me what you think.

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