2.28 Getting Things Done (50% complete)

2h I did a LOT of coding related things today but I think it would be dishonest to count it all as coding time. I started reading “Geting Things Done” because it’s on the Launch Academy reading list. I made it about halfway through. It’s seemingly a good book. I’m very hopeful it works because I can use a lot of help bringing order to my life. My biggest takeaway is somewhat unrelated because I have a copy of the book from the early 90s and he just finished a loooooong chapter talking all about filing cabinets and file folders and paper and trays and ‘you need to have a desk’ and I’m blown away by how antiquated all of that sounds and is now. I downloaded an app instead. Cut to the chase here David! I’m looking forward to the rest of the book and then trying to find my right level of strictness to his gospel. I just listened to a syntax podcast on how they organize their lives. I may revisit it now that I am working on organizing mine! Similarly I just bought a new smart thermostat and syntax just had an episode on smart homes. Time for another listen. Maybe at 2x this time though…

Coding-wise I polished up my Systems check and started adding some SQL questions to my flash card app. The systems check has an array of objects and I wonder if that is a common data structure you find. An object of objects would be much more accessible in my opinion; I could use keys() and direct access as opposed to iterating through the array and then polling the objects to get their data. I think that’s the part that I like the least: the objects are all unnamed. I don’t even know what they are until I access them. That feels wrong to me.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll finish G.T.D. and do more project work. Either SQL work and then more flashcards or prettying up the MBTA app or mongoDB or my scraper app. So many choices!!

Tell me what you think.

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