2.27 More css and JS Classes

3h Today I did the last bit of homework with the exception of the systems check, I listened to a talk on the d3 visualization library, and then I did a first pass on the systems check. This week we have a clear guideline for what constitutes ‘meets expectations’ vs ‘exceeds expectations.’ I’m excited about that. I finished the first goal and I started on the second.

I’m still not totally comfortable on how to easily work with an array of objects. I guess you have to iterate over the whole thing every time, but it just feels so inefficient.

I’ve been coming up with lots of ideas for my breakable toy project lately. Everywhere I look there’s a new library or concept I want to play with. I think it’ll be useful for me to have spent time thinking about this, because in 9.5 weeks I bet I’ll be pretty drained and not feel super creative. Text sentiment analysis and d3 data visualizations are both on the top of my pile right now.

Tell me what you think.

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