2.26 Classes and css. it’s a weird combo.

3.75h Today I crunched through most of the Launch Homework for the week (JS classes and intro to css) and did a little side work on a web scraper project I’m doing. I haven’t pushed on learning jquery because it sounds like it is going out of favor and I have plenty of other things to learn already. The backend scraper I’m using uses a stripped down version of jquery called cheerio, so now I need to learn it! It’s not hard at first glance. I’m sure it gets hard though. For this app I’m scraping divs off of a site and then I want to modify them and show them on my own site. I’ve got the scraping part figured out, so the modification and display are up next. This is a site to make browsing craigslist a bit more fun, and it’s been interesting to play with so far. I forked my other express / react repo and I’m figuring out how to merge the two as we speak. Git can be very thoughtful some times, and insanely convoluted others. The fact that I know less than 1% of what you can do with it doesn’t help much either!

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