2.21 Make everything a one-liner!

5.5h Today I finally finished up (for now of course) the refactoring of my homework for Launch Academy. I got everything down to one line and I’m feeling pretty good about that. I totally understand why people do it now. It’s not always the fastest way, it’s never the most-readable way, and it’s probably not even the best way, but being able to write it that way is useful as a training tool to understand other people’s really dense code.

I signed up for triplebyte just for fun and did the intro quiz. Just in case you haven’t been bombarded by ads on gmail from them: they are essentially a headhunter site that tests candidates in a variety of ways and then helps companies find the candidates that test well. I like taking tests (I know, perverse) so I figured I’d give it a shot. The first test is multiple choice, 35 questions long, and has a time limit of ~2.5 minutes per question. We’ll see what happens next. They are only hiring for people who can work in SF right now. That’s ok; I’m not even fully into the bootcamp yet! It’s just fun to get tested in a similar way to how I might in an interview.

I also started doing Scott Talinski’s GraphQL/apollo/meteor tutorial. I’m only about 40 minutes into that, but it seems like a good way to get my feet wet. Maybe I need to re-listen to the Syntax episode on GraphQL, but I’m still pretty unsure of what it does. The main benefit seems to be that you can have one request for a lot of pieces of data. I didn’t even know that was something I should be excited about! I’m sure Scott will drop some knowledge on me through the next 28(!) videos.

I also started a post on the podcasts I like. I’ll probably get it out tomorrow or this weekend. Tomorrow I’m also going to put some time in on a ruby book recommended by Launch Academy called “Eloquent Ruby”

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