2.18 Study log

2h Tonight the cycle began anew with more homework from Launch Academy. We’re in ruby for another week and we are now working on methods and advanced data structures. I’m unsure, but it seems like all functions in ruby are called methods. We haven’t made any objects yet, but every stand-alone function has been called a method. hmm.

I also spent some time looking at entry level dev jobs in the area. wow. there are a lot! Hopefully I can get my hands on one in a few months! I did a bit of reading to see what people are looking for and how much some of them are paying. A few seem to be pretty low, but some of them are surprisingly high. I have lunch with another launch grad tomorrow and I’ll try to get his ideas on entry level salaries. It’s always an awkward conversation, but hopefully generalizing it will ease some of the pain.

Oh, I also spent at least an hour trying to get pry to work. ugh. Still no luck. Tomorrow is a new day though!

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