2.15 svg backgrounds and ruby hash hacking

2h Tonight is a night that I came in second place. I did some revisions on my graded Launch Academy project and worked on adding a svg background to my transit app. I’m used to being able to control opacity and color so easily, so the process of setting a svg to the background of the body and then struggling to change it’s opacity was a difficult one for me. I’ll both get more comfortable with the tools, and accepting of the different way of working.

Tomorrow should have a nap time in it and I hope to get some sunshine powered studying in then. Tonight I felt foggy all night long, so the coding was like cutting your way through fog.

Also – the featured image on this post was obviously for yesterday, but wordpress just wouldn’t let me upload it yesterday. You get to see it today!

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that I’m working on a wordpress site for a school I am affiliated with. currently it’s as stock as could be, but possibly there (or here) I will find a way to make something cool. Im leery of php though. That just sounds difficult and unrewarding!

Tell me what you think.

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