2.14 v-day edition

3.5h Today was just grinding out array and hash lessons for Launch Academy. There was a small section on how to make a data structure, but it didn’t seem to be super detailed. I was hoping for more. I finished up the systems check today, so it’s party time until sunday! No seriously – I’ll be working on the flashcard app, the mbta one, and I have an idea for a super simple chrome extension. AND I’m working on integrating mongo into something. I’ll have enough to do so I don’t get into trouble… probably…

It’s actually kind of the opposite: I’m going away this weekend so as always I’m a bit stressed about finding the hours to study. It will all work out though. I have always told myself that life is more important than a ‘streak’ and that taking one day or even one week off won’t drastically effect my performance. I think that often, but I’m not sure how deeply I feel it. I don’t like the feeling that I may have wasted some hours, and I really do feel like the consistency is helping ratchet me towards being a valuable member of someone’s team (in the future).

I’ll keep feeling conflicted, and I hope you have a happy valentine’s day!

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