2.11 github.io hosting, and a flashcard app

6h Today I got a lot of coding in, but I totally f’d up cooking dinner. It was a takeout-level disaster. Oof. On the other hand I decided to build a new react app from my old ruby flashcard one. It randomly picks a question – answer pair from an array and shows you the question, then the answer, then a new question. It uses the command enter shortcut to move from stage to stage. I was pretty stoked to get it running on github pages so quickly. I’m planning on building it up a little bit more and then showing it to my other launchers (classmates) to try to get a little collab going.

One thing that really made me feel good about things is that I was able to use all of my newfound zombie-killing ability to position the elements where I wanted them to with flexbox! It was a simple layout but I did it entirely without looking up any documentation. I like that. I’m learning! It’s still super raw, but the fact that it has a web interface on the real web is going to keep me smiling till breakfast. More features to come!

At launch we’re moving into another ruby section. I like javascript more that ruby. I wish we could stay there! It’ll be good to dig in a little deeper, and it’ll be good to have some ‘more new’ things to learn.

Tell me what you think.

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