1.6 Jasmine testing in node

5h Today was one thing and one thing only. I wanted to set up testing with jasmine for my systems check problem. Wow, that was not easy. I think I definitely took the long way there, but I ended up getting it to work. First I had trouble importing the data, then the methods to test, and finally I fought and fought just trying to get the right filepaths. In the end I used a dash instead of an underscore. Ugh. Along the way I learned how to build and instantiate classes in js, a few new matchers for jasmine, and how to import and export modules in node.

I can’t complain, I came out on top tonight. It sure feels better to go to bed with a win than with a loss. Tomorrow I’ll make sure I’m testing what I think I’m testing and submit it for final. I’ll also probably start on a graphql tutorial. I’ve been interested, and I’m much more into that than learning redux. Maybe redux will be easier now that I know react better, but I bet it’ll still feel like a long way to go for minimal reward.

I had coffee with a Launch Academy grad today and it was really informative. He told me all about his hiring story, his school experience, and some tips on what I should learn and why. I’m super happy that he took time out to talk with me, and I’m slowly moving from anxious to excited about starting (and finishing) in-person classes.

Tell me what you think.

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