1.5 array and object methods

3.5h Today I worked on the Launch Academy homework for the week. It is all array and object manipulation. It’s been good. I have gotten a lot of practice with map filter and reduce. I’m also slowly getting an intuition about when to use map vs a forEach loop. I finished up all of the work, so tomorrow I’ll polish and add testing. I think I said it last week, but maybe next week I’ll try doing TDD on something. One of the simple ones might be a good start.

Thinking about the homework, I’m 100% sure that there is a lot of hair being pulled out over the word ‘this’ from at least a few of my classmates.

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with an old coworker who went to Launch a few years ago now. It should be really interesting to see his thoughts on the world.

PS – I still coded yesterday, and I have the git pushes to prove it. I just didn’t get around to blogging about it. If a tree falls in the woods…

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