1.2 firebase, react router, and event handlers.

5h Today was a massive day of me slowly getting firebase to do what I want it to. I’m also so amazed/annoyed about how many of the answers on stack overflow immediately assume you are using jquery. I’m sure it’s useful, but it is also rapidly falling out of favor. In a more specific react world I’m even unsure if I would have to import it separately into each component in order to use it.

Today I was able to get firebase to give me data from a test json file I uploaded. I’m reading from one db and then using that to lookup something in another. I started out trying to figure out authentication with firebase but I gave up on that after just a little bit.

I spent some time reducing the number of errors in the chrome dev tools console. There were all sorts of weird things about invalid href links and unused variables. The whole project is still really scratchy and unusable, but reducing the errors will make for easier debugging.

I also put in some time making functions that live at the top of my react component tree and can then cascade down (through props) into any components that need it. That took some serious figurin’

Tomorrow? I’ll keep chipping away and hopefully get a fully controlled component form set up.

Tell me what you think.

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