1.31 flexboxing and css tweaks

3h Today I did a ton of css work. I am slowly piecing together how I want my react components to fit together, and it’s interesting to think about how that fits in with react router and login state. I built a login / sign up window that uses bootstrap .collapse() to show and hide one at a time. That was interesting, but as a design choice it feels weird to have both loaded and use css to only show one. If I were to use that for my entire site I worry that it would end up making a really big, really slow site. My current plan is to use a switch for the main site and the fancy animation just for the login page. I may even kill the collapse() since it looks kind of glitchy.

I’m getting the concept behind flexbox now, and it’s starting to help me conceptualize how to build a page at one specific size. I need to make myself a little cheatsheet, and then probably find a real one online. Next up (or rather further on down the line) is incorporating media queries and non-fixed (ie vw vs px) measurements. After that? Accessibility!

Tell me what you think.

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