1.30 adding firebase

4h Today I roughed in some api routes and started adding firebase to my app. I did a bit of layout brainstorming so I can have a good idea of what functionality is on what page before I start coding. Otherwise I’ll end up with a single page app that looks like the space shuttle cockpit!

I’ve been hitting more stumbling blocks in the last 2 days because I’m so far off script. It’s not that bad though. I had to put everything down once last night and once today just because nothing was making sense, but time will show me a way. Writing my thoughts down at the end of the night really helps me understand what I was working on when I stopped. That’s actually super useful since there are SO MANY things I want to be working on. On a happy note I did a dry run with the hardware and it seems as if it’s already 80% functional. Now the react side needs to be sorted out and polished up.

Tell me what you think.

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