1.29 Express routing

4h Today was fun because I pulled up something I had been working on a long time ago in python and rewrote it in express. I’ve got a react-express combo going right now and still have a lot to do. There are some api calls to be written and then all of the user facing code in react. I’m also going to give it some kind of database (firebase maybe?) and some authentication. I’m stoked on this project. It’ll be cool when it’s done.

I also worked on the Launch Academy classwork and I’m done with the first pass. I’m gunning for an ‘exceeds expectations’ on this one, so I need to make sure it’s sharp. The last homework review I got said that it would have failed expectations during the on campus section and that really bummed me out. I can see that I did something wrong (hard coded an array length as opposed to programmatically finding it) but to hear that the knife edge is so thin made me sad. I didn’t even know that we were being tested on things so far away from initial functionality. Trying to find a lesson in all of this: it’s way better I figure this out now vs when we actually are on campus and I’m underwater keeping up. It doesn’t just have to run, it has to be as maintainable as possible.

Tell me what you think.

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