1.23 Study Log – Today I saw the others!

3.5h Today was a good day. I did end up refactoring my code from last night into a rspec testable format. I met up with 2 people from Launch Academy to get some face time. That was really nice to hang out with them. I also made a little headway in making my mbta app look better. I’ve taken a few tutorials where they talk about css preprocessors and now I’m itching to set one up. The biggest reason it makes sense to me is to keep everything cleaner. I don’t need to set up as many individual class names, and they all get smashed down automatically.

I’m looking into learning rails next. More as an overview since it will be taught in school, but I’ll go as deep as time allows here in ignition. I also plan on keeping up with the code challenges and algorithms. The challenges are actually fun, but the algos are less fun.

Tell me what you think.

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