1.20 Study Log – trying out coder bytes

3h Today was another fun day. I’m looking forward to more Launch Academy work coming in tomorrow. Today I worked on styling the mbta app and had a tough time. I tried using bootstrap and had a lot of trouble adding the right event listener in the right place in order to replicate the native html dropdown menu. Maybe I should try styling the html button instead. It would probably be more accessible that way. Bootstrap needs it to be defined as a div with either inner divs, or <a> links. It was an annoying headache, and it was made worse by me not wanting to use jquery. All of the relevant questions, answers and demos used jquery to add listeners and I couldn’t figure out how to replace the selectors with default js ones.

The more enjoyable part of my night was working on coderbyte interview questions. I’m trying to line up my schedule so I can go to a local software engineering interview prep meetup. After the last meetup they posted a link to coderbyte so I decided to check it out. It’s like hackerrank or codewars. I was only fast on one problem (of 3 that I completed) but that’s ok. One thing that I love and hate about coderbyte is that it is timed. It will be that way in the interview so I get it and appreciate it, but it definitely adds a new stress level to things. I ended up picking the hard problems since they don’t have a timer on them! I’ll keep picking some of them off from time to time. It makes sense for me to keep working on and it’s not something that you can do by cranking through 200 in a weekend. Repetition and repetition will help them sink in. Oh – and repetition!

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