1.17 Study Log – 200 DAYS! – Lots of Pi, very little eating.

3h Today I did a lot of fiddling with my raspberry pi and didn’t get it fully figured out either. I finally got frustrated enough that I set up an hdmi monitor and was able to see what the hell it is doing. That has been helpful, but I’m still having some trouble. My current issue is that it seems to be slowing down my entire network (!). The long-term goal of this is to not need to be connected to a network, so I guess I’m ok with that. It’s still weird though.

The other hour of studying was working on the mbta app. I built some functionality tonight where it displays the time in minutes from now, and if the train has arrived it says something to that effect. I’m pretty pleased with that little piece. With the pi slowing down my network I’ve been looking at all of the api calls and my next goal is to figure out how to prevent the components that make api calls from making them when the pertinent data has not changed. I think there is a lifecycle method called shouldComponentUpdate(), but I haven’t been able to get it to work properly yet.

I also need to hook up the stop pulldown to the predicted schedule component. I’m not sure why that isn’t actually happening right now.

I’ve got a long weekend coming up and I need to make sure my (200 DAY!) study streak keeps on going. I have been thinking about doing an hour of “you don’t know JS” and an hour of coding interview prep as a bare minimum. I have a few articles bookmarked for interview prep resources, and I have gayle’s book “Cracking the coding interview” that I need to get back into. Lastly I should really polish up my css skills. I’m not thinking I want to be super front end focused, but that doesn’t mean I can show unstyled html, so I need to embrace the pain.

As I mentioned, today is my 200th day(!) of studying. I learned a while back that It’s really hard to compare two people, so I try not to compare myself to others on twitter or medium, but I CAN compare myself to myself on July 1st, and I definitely know a LOT more than that guy, and I’m on a good track to keep that advancement progressing.

Tell me what you think.

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