1.16 Study Log – juggling state in react

3.5h Today was a fun throwback (it’s only been 2 days!) into react. I was working on the mbta app and I am almost fully through the api calls. I can now geolocate the user and find the next 3 train predictions in either direction and display some limited info on them. I’m pretty excited about that. It needs a lot more love, but it only gets an hour every once in a while so I’m happy it’s still moving.

I also burned an hour trying to get networking going on a raspberry pi zero. I used to play with microcontrollers a lot so seeing if I can get node and react loaded on a pi could be a lot of fun for me. Thus far it has been a ton of turning on, connecting to wifi, getting frozen out, turning off, turning on, connecting to wifi… You get the point. I’ll get there eventually. I’m glad I’m not in a hurry on this one. The funny thing is that I have a johnny-5 in the basement! That is a microcontroller that actually runs node natively. I need to check it out, but it’s all the way downstairs! 😉

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