1.14 Study Log. My first day of Ignition

4.5h Today they released the week 1 ignition questions. They made me feel like I have done a decent job preparing for this. I’m sure they will get harder in time, but I finished all of them in around 3 hours. I’m trying to figure out how else to fill my calendar with coding subjects because I had been holding it clear so that I could be certain to prioritize the Launch Academy stuff. Now that I have finished that I need to find something else to chew on.

As I have been babbling on about all over my other posts – I should probably go ahead and work on testing in ruby…

Ok, how this for motivation? After I wrote that line I just decided to bite the bullet and find a good resource for tomorrow so I can learn when I sit down. THEN I WENT AND DID IT! I only added testing to one problem from the homework, but it was still a good learning process. I can see how writing tests makes you write code in smaller, more ‘testable’ bits.

Tell me what you think.

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