1.13 Study Log. It’s interesting the second time around.

2.5h I was working on ruby again tonight. I will be a lot for the next few weeks. It is interesting to be back in ruby after being in javascript for so long. Thankfully it is ruby and not c! I don’t remember very much syntax at all from my time earlier, but I do seem to have a much clearer concept of what I need to figure out. Both in commenting my plans, and then googling the syntax – it has been a lot easier to know how to do something when I know what to call it when I am googling it. I started off with ‘string indexing’, ‘for loops’, ‘do-while loops’ (which don’t exist in ruby I think) and then a slew of other things, for splitting and joining strings to arrays. It made me feel like I have been making progress after all, and I’m hopeful for the next few months.

Specifically speaking I toyed around with my dev environment, learning about iterm and trying to get it to open files in atom as opposed to sublime. I did some more prep reading for school, and I worked on a simple acronym maker problem as a practice for school. When that starts (TOMORROW!!!!) I’m not sure how intense it will be, but I am sure I’ve got the time to devote to it.

I still have so much of the language to get comfortable with, but the one thing I am excited about learning next is testing. I know it will not be fun, but everyone has been hammering on how important it is and I want to start thinking about it from the start.

Tell me what you think.

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