1.11 Study Log – My Last Day of Work!

2h Today was my last day of work! I had to quit my job before the bootcamp started, and for lots of family reasons it made sense to have a bit of a gap before the 10-week intensive part started as well. Today is almost 8 weeks out from the start of the intensive Launch section, and on Monday the Ignition section starts! I’m excited to be more in class next week. The last three have been nice and easy, but I’m looking to learn a bit more.

Tonight I kept chipping away at my mbta app. I was able to pass the results from the geolocation component up to the main app state, and then pass it down into the predicted schedule component. I think that the predicted schedule component is even properly using it in the api call. The next step is to format the results and then display them. That should be the end of the road for new features (yeah right) but it will definitely need some refinement. Specifically it is taking a ton of time to run the geolocation function. I think that makes sense since the data object is 4k lines long. Figuring out a better data structure for that would be a damn good idea. It is iterating over a 250ish item array of objects and it takes 3-5 seconds before it outputs a final value. I don’t have any great ideas on how to make that faster, but I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.

Today is day #194 of this coding adventure, and the first day that I am officially unemployed. Here goes nothing!

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