1.7 Study log – Day #190

2.25 Tonight was more reading than coding, but it was all needed. I did a ton of prep reading for Launch Academy. Lots of info on their methodology and schedule, some info on the syllabus, and some student profiles. I’m nervous, so it’s usually a good thing to have more info.

I also did a little work on my react mbta app. I was able to figure out the bug that prevented the green line from showing up. ALSO I phoned a friend a little while back and he helped me understand why I was always one state behind. I had thought it was complicated timing issue, but in fact I had made a componentWillRecieveProps(nextProps) function, but then instead of calling the values in nextProps I accidentally got the ones in props instead. That is the type of bug that I don’t know if I ever would have found. I’m kind of amazed that he even found it, and I’m super thankful that he spent the time sorting through my “not clean” code.

After fixing the bug I started working on making the geolocation code user-facing, but I’m not finished with that yet. I’d like to make a button that geolocates you, shows the closest stop and the next 3 trains in either direction. The green line may mess that up though. Also it’s about damn time that I put some css on this thing.

Tell me what you think.

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