1.6 Study Log Project night pt 2

3h Tonight I worked a lot more on my timer app. It is prettier, more functional, AND I even tried it out on a toddler! She loved it, and then we had to watch a pie chart animate from 0% to 100% over fifteen minutes. At least it worked. I don’t have a lot of testing like that, since I don’t have that kind of time very often.

I’ve learned a lot, even if it doesn’t feel that way. I have had to work out how event listeners work in vanilla js, as well as how to make a popup (aka modal window.) It is interesting how some of these things require me to have css, js, and html that is all in agreement. It’s a little harder to debug when it could be any of the three files that is wrong (or all of them!)

I’ve been getting a little bit better at debugging, but I need to find a good time to actually use breakpoints. Whenever I try it seems to be the wrong situation. There is always a possibility that I’m doing it wrong though!

Lastly I did more research on the meetup groups in town. I am signed up for some and I’ll see if they are actually free on the calendar. I have almost 9 weeks before Launch Academy in-person starts, so this is very much the calm before the storm. I’m planning things out like meals, meetups, exercise, and cleaning. I won’t have very much time to do those things during school, so getting ahead of them now is a good idea.

I’m still so unsure about how difficult this experience will be. I like coding, and I feel like I must be better prepared than some of the students, but I have no idea if that will mean I learn deeper, more easily, or just that I can move on to other things faster. Only time will tell I guess. The preflight material so far has all been very rudimentary programming concepts. I definitely have a lot of holes in my knowledge, so I’m not above rudimentary concepts – I just am going to be interested in seeing how a person who doesn’t understand while loops this week will be setting up a ruby server in a few more weeks. I’m sure they have a plan, and I’m sure I’ll end up learning a lot. I guess I’m just nervous about the uncertainty of this all. I think the best thing I can do is to keep making green squares on github and keep learning.

Tell me what you think.

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