1.5 Study Log – project night!

2.25h Tonight I worked on my timer app and built some more features. I added a ping pong mode where it counts up and then down again. I changed the color when it counts down so it is red on the way up and then green on the way down. I also set up a small form to control pingpong and starting. Next up is removing the popup and finding a way to put a form text area element in to capture the amount of time, and then somehow hiding all of the buttons when the clock is running.

Today felt pretty good. It’s good to be back in js and tonight I was doing more html than usual as well. It’s good to feel like you know what you are doing once in a while!

At some point I may build this into a react project. I’m not as comfortable passing info from html to js as I am from react component to component.

Tell me what you think.

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