1.3 Study log

2.5h Podcasts (code newbie and dev tea) a little LA preflight assignment and some github updates rounded out my night. I’m still stumped on the cs50 assignment, so next time I sit down I may actually try to get help online for it. I’m sure it’s a simple fix – I’m not even stuck on the hard part of the problem!

I started thinking my way through a kata. This was interesting, as I just wrote the steps in comments. I think I have the problem correctly understood and the code seems to be doable as well, so I next need to actually write it out.

I just did a typing test and I’m still getting faster! That is good. I was surprised at how much more comfortable it felt this time vs last time. I think that must be due to muscle memory starting to kick in. Last time I think I was at 41wpm. Any progress is good progress!

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