1.1 Study Log – char * part two

2.25h Tonight I did a quick LA preflight assignment on type coercion and finished the cs50 week3 lecture. Strangely I had an app that was unintentionally working despite not correctly coercing the string input to int. It was/is only working because I am multiplying the string by 1000 to convert seconds to ms and that seems to have it’s own built in coercion happening. Otherwise I should use parseInt() in the future. I should also probably have some form of input validation now that I am thinking about it!

The cs50 lesson was the second half of the pointers, strings, and char * lecture. The use of * to indicate addreses and & to look up an address is really unusual, but I recognize it from a lot of arduino code I have looked at. It makes sense conceptually, but I think I will get it backward a lot before it is intuitive. Everything takes time. I’ll get there.

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