12.27 Study Log

4.5h Today I did my Launch Academy preflight work and also watched all of week 3 lectures in cs50. The assignment for cs50 seems to be a whopper. You need to build an app that parses music from a text file and outputs a wav using a library. There will be a lot to learn in this pset. I also listened to the year end wrapup of complete developer podcast.

The cs50 class was actually really cool in how clearly it communicated sorting algorithms. He used really practical, visual examples and it was a great approach to algos. He also broke down big O notation in a way that was super approachable. I’m interested in how much he occasionally sounds / has sentence patterns like a preacher. Math is religion to some people.

Lastly I added some code that would keep my timer app from allowing the computer to go to sleep. It is untested, but that would be a valuable feature for a page that will be open for long periods of time.

Tell me what you think.

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