12.26 Study Log

3h Today was following what seems to be my new routine. I did my LA homework and then moved on to the CS50 homework. I also listened to a bit of podcasts during the day. The Launch academy homework was pretty straightforward. It was using Math.random() and then playing with the results to make a coin toss app. The CS50 homework was relatively difficult. I started on the more comfortable assignment and it simply had too much for me to learn. I stopped that one and moved on to a different hashing algorithm. this was easier and I got most of the way through in a little bit. The last test killed me though. The test wasn’t very well named and I ultimately found out that this cryptic message

🙁 rejects “Hax0r2” as keyword
timed out while waiting for program to exit

…is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t have an input printf before the key check. It took me at least an hour of slamming my head on this before I saw that and tried it. At least it is done now.

Tell me what you think.

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