12.21 Study log

3h of cs50 today. I’m happy to report that scratch was only used on the first class! I’m in the second week and we’re on to c now. It is surprisingly similar to what I know already. The differences so far have been in how cryptic the error messages are, how specific you need to be with variables, and how lost I am on particular bits like accessing an indexed position of a string. Lots of googling is needed, but at least I have a vocabulary to look things up with.
I got 2 out of three problems done on pset 1 and I am hopeful that the third should go smoothly. I’m interested in it because it is calculating the checksums for credit card numbers!

In another note I’m off for the next week and 4 days, so I’m looking forward to getting some balance back in my life. Hopefully that means more coding, sleeping, and hanging with my family, but even if coding loses out to the other two it will be a good break.

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