12.19 Study Log

2.5h Tonight felt pretty good. I started with a blank slate on the karma/jasmine tutorial and feel like I straightened some things out. By that I mean I made a new folder and npm inited in there. I also moved on in the class to the sections on coverage and using headless browsers. I have heard so much talk about code coverage that it feels good to actually know how to generate it.

I also spent some time looking up and using terminal shortcuts. I’m using iterm2 and I know it is supposed to have a history pane. I could never get it to work, so I looked into it today and finally got it going. I also found shortcuts for clearing the screen / line and moving the cursor around. I’ll paste my hard-fought info here.

• move cursor to beginning/end of command -> control a/e
• move cursor one word at a time -> esc b/f
• clear current line -> control u
• clear screen => control L
• delete to end of line -> control k
• command clicking a link will open it!

All of that feels super useful, especially because even a good terminal looks unwelcoming and is non-intuitive. Getting to know it a little bit makes a lot of things easier. 

Lastly I started on a memoized fibonacci sequence codewars question. It’s too late to fight this fight. I conceptually understand memoization – just save your key and value into an object so that you don’t have to calculate them repeatedly. the devil is in the details and I’m not 100% on those yet. I bet it will be easier when the sun rises again. Maybe I’ll get a little time at lunch tomorrow to think about this. I can do it. Heck I have already done it! mayb not in js though.

Tell me what you think.

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